Keed is an animation and motion studio based in Austin and Los Angeles, founded by Chris Figat and Eric Swymer. We're animators and artists with a multidisciplinary background creating high quality animated content utilizing a virtual studio format. We have team members across the US and all over the world in a variety of production roles.

We're currently in development on Pure, an animated scifi adventure short.


Eric Swymer

Co-Founder / Head of Development

Eric is a LA based story artist and animator currently working as a Shot Creator at The Third Floor Inc. (where he works on lots of really cool stuff he can't talk about). He studied feature film animation at both iAnimate and Animsquad where he was mentored by animators from Disney, Pixar, Blue Sky and Dreamworks. While studying animation he and Chris started developing the idea for Pure, and shortly after founded they Keed. Pure marks his debut as writer and director.

Chris Figat

Co-Founder / Creative Director

Chris is a multidisciplinary designer and animator in Austin, TX with experience in visual design, UI/UX and web design, animation, and motion graphics. He graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in architecture before shifting into the design field and now works as a user experience designer in Austin’s tech sector. Chris is also an alumni of iAnimate where he studied both feature and game animation, and Pure marks his debut project as writer and director. You can view a variety of his work at

Austin Broder

Producer / Head of Pipeline

Austin is a Character TD, musician, and educator with a passion for building the technical machinations within interesting characters. Originally from Nashville, TN, his passion for animation, music, and education has brought him around the globe to his current residence in a mountain town near Yosemite National Park in Northern CA. Always a fan of animated short films and independent projects, he’s been intrigued by how to streamline workflows to help produce the highest quality animations as efficiently as possible. His indelible charm must have impressed Chris and Eric as they invite him to mark Pure as is debut as Producer and Head of Pipeline.

Heather Fleischman

Producer / Director of Photography

Heather is a talented gluten free baker, Martial Archer, and fluffy dog owner. Hailing from Denver, CO, Heather has enjoyed traveling to studios cross country working with Pixar Animation Studios as a Layout Intern on Coco, BRON Animation as a previs artist on The Willoughby’s, and also on the online platform of Artella to explore a multitude of layout and lighting roles on a number of shorts. Heather studied 3D animation and utilizes her extensive knowledge of photography to create engaging stories in animated settings.


If you'd like to work with us, are interested in becoming part of our team, have media inquiries, or just want to say hi, feel free to get in touch via e-mail or social media.